At first glance, the digital marketing world can seem overly complicated. That’s why at Treemacity, our goal is to make digital marketing approachable to everyday small business owners. We’ll help you get online, so you can continue growing your business. 


Having the correct information in your business listing is often considered to be the first step in creating an online presence. Read on to learn more about why you should care about your online business listings.


What is a Business Listing?

Listings are like your online business card. They often include the name of your business, what industry you’re in, your hours of operation, contact information (including your address and phone number), website, and more. A listing may also include a map showing the exact location of your business, as well as photos that highlight your storefront, products, and services. 


The Online Customer Journey

Having the correct information listed online will help ensure that when a customer is looking for you, they can easily find you—otherwise, they’ll end up finding your competitors instead. Accurate, complete listing information also boosts your business’ SEO ranking, which means you’ll show up higher in local search results just by having your information filled in.


Take a walk in your customer’s shoes and see what it’s like to interact with your business online. Is the information up to date? Is it clear and easy to find? Your business listing is perhaps one of the most important pathways in the customer journey—it’s what connects online customers to your storefront, increasing your foot traffic and your sales.


How to Monitor Your Listing Information

Be honest—did you Google your business to see what your listing information looked like while reading this? While you’re probably familiar with Google business listings, they’re not the only place your information appears online—review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp, social media sites like Facebook, and other search engines, like Bing, all have their own listings.


Manually monitoring and updating all of this information takes time, and as a small business owner, time is your most precious resource! That’s where Treemacity comes in. We’ll claim your online listings for you, update them with the correct information, and make sure they stay up to date. It’s one of the many digital marketing solutions we provide to help small business owners grow their business online.


Ready to get started? Reach out to our experts to learn more about how you can grow your business with Treemacity!

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