There’s never been a more important time for small businesses to be online, but getting there can seem daunting. Read on to learn more about how Treemacity can help develop or improve your business’ online presence, allowing you to reach more customers and make more sales.


What Do We Mean by ‘Online Presence’? 

Does your business have a website? What about a Facebook page? Online presence refers to the ways your business appears on the Internet, from your social media accounts to your Google listing. It even encompasses what customers are saying about your business online—through reviews, or discussion on their own personal accounts. 


Why Is Having an Online Presence Important? 

It’s no secret that phone books and newspapers have largely been replaced by smartphones and the Internet. Gone are the days of flipping through ads in the Yellow Pages—now, if a customer needs a particular business or service, they type a few keywords into Google and millions of relevant results come up. And if your business is not one of the top results, chances are that customer is going to go somewhere else. 


Having a strong online presence can help customers find your business, and it also gives your customers a way to connect with you before or after the sale. Today’s consumers are all about engagement and connection, and small local businesses are in a unique position to build a sense of community—after all, your customers are your neighbors! 


How to Stand Out Online

Establishing and maintaining your online presence takes consistent effort, but Treemacity is here to help. You don’t have to be computer savvy to have an online presence when you have the power of our digital marketing solutions behind you. 


Where other companies “specialize” in only one element of digital marketing, Treemacity does it all—because we recognize that it all works together. Our team can set you up with a custom website, create digital ads, ensure your online listings are accurate, respond to customer reviews on your behalf, and even create and post content to your social media accounts. We’ll work directly with you to grow your online reputation and build your business.


There’s never been a better time to start building your online presence. New customers save 15% on their initial purchase with Treemacity, so visit our website to get started today!

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